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What is Wholesale FBA Reverse Sourcing

In short words, it is a simple process to find successful or well-doing products on Amazon. And then find brands for such products. It is as simple as that.

In more detail…
Typical wholesale FBA process using directory wholesale suppliers has been heavily saturated and usually, you don’t find potentially profitable products through this process.

So, in reverse sourcing strategy, we start finding the well-doing products directly on Amazon first. ie; we look for products based on set filters çriteria. For example; we look for listings where Amazon itself isn’t selling, the product rating is above 3.5 stars, has at least 2-3 sellers on it.

We also do a few more technical analysis and see if we can jump on that listing too if we can source the item.

Once shortlisted, we start finding its brand contact to approach and establish a wholesale account with the brand or its authorized distributor. This can become a bit of challenge sometimes as some brands may not allow you to sell their products on Amazon. Then the next part comes in. ie; we convince the brand with additional options including the value proposition we offer, listing optimization and deficiency, etc. Additional sales-driving with PPC and customer service for their products.

Some brands or suppliers may have high volume order requirements or yearly order value commitment requirements. We tackle some easily, and in some cases, we manage additional investments through our Facebook Group investors and pool fund. This helps to work with even well-known brands sometimes where a typical new Amazon seller cannot enter.

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