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The Amazon wholesale FBA business needs continuous efforts on daily basis in order to run the business successfully. Team management is the most important factor in this business and many people fail at building and managing teams. I highly recommend people build a small team to produce a large, scaleable Amazon Wholesale FBA store.

Team Management
Team Management in the Amazon Wholesale FBA business – Ecommerce Success Pakistan by Huzaifa Ali

For the initial stage, a new VA who has recently learned the Wholesale FBA business, I highly recommend him/her to work under someone’s supervision and there is a high chance, it will be free work for a month probably. This will help the VA greatly in getting practical or hands-on experience.

If you are working as a Director on the account (we call ESP Directors who manage the Amazon stores), you’re responsible for the overall business. You are a direct partner without investment and in that case, you get a percentage share from the net profits of the business.

Most of the Directors or VAs who have recently started to grow the store have this question… How do I scale and grow larger? How can I best manage the team to handle the Amazon Wholesale FBA business?

Here are a few tips that will help you improve, grow and scale your team and business. Especially, if you are building your own agency to provide services.

Team Management by Departments

You need to assign people by the department. It can be small departments initially and grow later, but assigning specific tasks/duties to your teammates will help you organize your daily processes.

1- Hunters Team

In this department, you may have one or two people initially who are full-time finding brands and distributors. They don’t do anything but finding suppliers.

These hunters will find brands directly from Amazon marketplaces. The brands can be doing well or not, the variables are known to these hunters and they will be shortlisting the brands for the next person to pitch the brand for a trade account.

The hunters will also be responsible for finding and building distributors’ databases. They may search and find suppliers from Google, directories, trade shows, association members, or anywhere else in the World. The job is to find as many suppliers as they can.

The bigger your database is, the higher chances of building a successful business you have.

2- Supplier Relationships

In this department, you should have the person who is going to contact the brands and distributors to build relationships. He/she should be a good communicator. Should love speaking and chatting. A talkative person usually does a great job in this department. His/her English speaking capabilities should be better than others.

This person will follow all the other guidelines of communication provided in the VSC > Wholesale FBA course by ESP. That includes Deficiency reports, LinkedIn Contacts, Amazon PPC approach, larger investment opportunities, etc.

This person should also carry tasks like order placement with the supplier, getting shipment information, and restock orders.

3- Product Analysis

You’ll likely have more people in this department compared to any other. The reason is, the people in this department will be scanning price lists from the suppliers, shortlisting, and analyzing the Amazon product listings to ensure they are the best fit for your business.

With time, you will grow and have many suppliers onboard, you’ll also be getting several price lists on daily basis. Since you don’t want to miss out on any potential product, it is recommended to have multiple people in this department who are reviewing and analyzing price lists on daily basis from different suppliers.

I recommend setting up a little bonus for the people in this department so if their shortlisted products got selected by you or your manager and make profits, you may pay a little percent to the team so they remain excited and work their best!

4- Shipping & Logistics

In this team, you can have a single person initially as your business grows (or the director may handle it initially).

The job is to create and manage shipping plans on Amazon, ensure the right packaging, prepping is done as required by Amazon. Also, stay in communication with the prep service providers so your inventory is handled accordingly and on-time deliveries.

This person will also be handling Amazon support cases when needed in case of discrepancies in deliveries to Amazon fulfillment centers.

5- Sales & Competition Monitor

This department can have a single person or the director him/herself can act as the monitor in this department. The very important role here is to keep an eye on the sales of the live offers on Amazon.

When your offer is live and the inventory is not selling or if you are not getting enough buybox, you’ll have to review your pricing, automate pricing and apply the best practices to win the buybox.

In a case competition is getting tough, you would need to take the necessary steps to avoid price war and still win the buybox.

You learn all these strategies of winning buybox in the VSC > Wholesale FBA course.

Team Management in a Nutshell

Overall, it takes time to build and manage the team. Initially, you as the director have to handle most of the tasks and you might be overwhelmed with many duties to handle. But delegation is the way to go!

The more tasks you assign to others and delegate, the easier this business will become for you.

If you find this team management article helpful, please leave your comments below. You may suggest more topics to cover!

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