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How to find out if your Distributor is Legitimate?

Always ensure you’re going through the distributor’s background check before placing an order. While we are building a force of Amazon sellers in the US and UK from Pakistan, the scam is rising too. Unfortunately, many Pakistanis are also involved in these scams. Lately, people facing Amazon losing inventory is majorly happening with a few specific suppliers like ******, ******, etc. (For the actual names of the suppliers, please refer to the original post in the ESP Facebook Group.

God knows if they really send the inventory or just empty boxes to Amazon. Since people cannot share the suppliers publicly in order to get reviews, get their reviews from Google. Here are a few tips that will help you figure out the supplier’s legitimacy. Please make sure you follow them!

  1. Check Google Reviews by entering the supplier name or full address. Google Maps can be used too.
  2. Check their domain’s whois record. See when was the domain registered. If it’s too recent, avoid the supplier.
  3. Check the supplier’s website on the website. If the supplier’s website is available in history and a long time earlier like 3-5 years or more and has a similar business on the website, that means the supplier is legitimate.
  4. Search for supplier name in Amazon Seller Forums. If you find it there, you may get reviews from there too.
  5. If you do not find anything above helpful, the best you can do is to contact the brands and ask them if the distributor is authorized by them or not.

Hope it helps

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