About The Founder

I have spent about 16 years in the software and applications industry and had extensive experience in programming and development. I have been in the Amazon Wholesale FBA business for about 4 years. In 2017 beginning, I started exploring online selling options and found Amazon where I could sell branded products easily. With time, I gained extensive experience and learned the Amazon Wholesale FBA business the hard way. In 2018 mid, I started a community on Facebook called Ecommerce Success Pakistan (ESP) to help newcomers in building their businesses and make money online.

Huzaifa Ali

Huzaifa Ali

Founder and CEO

Our Aims & Objectives

The vision behind the ESP community was to help fellow Pakistani members to learn from my experience, share knowledge and build values, and ultimately, to help people generate a minimum of $1k monthly income if they aren’t doing so already.

There are several models of business on Amazon but Wholesale FBA business is the safest of them all with minimal risk and it has the potential to generate huge profits if it is done right with the help of the right strategies and team. It allows people to start selling on Amazon with very low capital and grow over time.

ESP offers a wide range of training courses including selling on multiple online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Daraz and we always tend to expand.
More details about training and courses here.