Amazon Wholesale FBA Success Camp

Program Overview

In this course, you will receive comprehensive training on Amazon FBA Wholesale, ranging from beginner to advanced topics. The course includes 3 modules that cover a range of concepts, terms, and guidelines that are essential for success as a reseller on the Amazon platform.

Learning Objectives

With the Amazon FBA Wholesale course, you will learn:

  • Build a successful wholesale business on Amazon using FBA.
  • Offer virtual assistant services for FBA wholesale businesses.
  • Understand the benefits of being an FBA reseller
  • Generate freelance income through FBA wholesale.
  • Prepare proposals as an FBA reseller.
  • Receive ongoing training, feedback, and post-training Q&A support to address practical concerns.


Program Outline


Start Up Mastery: The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Wholesale FBA

Introduction To Amazon
  • Amazon Wholesale FBA overview
    1. Introduction to Amazon and its place in the ecommerce landscape
    2. Comparison of Amazon to other marketplaces
  • Amazon business models overview
    1. Comparison of FBM and FBA
    2. Introduction to Amazon wholesale, private label, and dropshipping
    3. Benefits and risks of each model
    4. Why Amazon Wholesale and FBA is often seen as the safest business model?
  • State selection guidance
  • Basic tax outline
  • Investment management strategy
  • Amazon account related questions
  • Banking related questions
  • Understanding gated categories
    1. What are gated categories and why are they important?
    2. How to determine if a category is gated
  • Main categories and sub-categories
    1. Overview of the different main categories and sub-categories on Amazon
    2. How to choose the most relevant categories?
    3. Determining the best categories to enter
    4. How to research and analyze categories to make informed decisions?
  • Ungating categories
    1. How to apply to sell in gated categories?
    2. Tips for increasing your chances of being approved to sell in gated categories
  • Analyze product listing from customer’s perspective
  • Review product history and how It performed in the Past
  • Learn how to mess with your competitors
  • How to analyze product listing in canadian amazon market?
  • How to analyze product listing in UK Amazon market?
  • Introduction of AI tool
  • Using AI tools to write your emails
  • Write optimized content for Amazon listing improvement
  • Using AI tool for deficiency reports
  • Suppliers finding using directories & Google
  • Aggressive distributor research strategy
  • Supplier hunting in UK
  • Supplier hunting in Canada
  • Trade shows, expos, chambers, associations
  • Maintain supplier records & relationships (Hubspot)
  • Follow up
Amazon Seller Central Overview
  • Amazon FBA profit calculation
  • Introduction to seller central
  • Seller dashboard learning
  • Creating and managing FBA shipments
  • Generating FNSKU and shipping labels
  • Adding offers
  • Auto pricing and competition
  • Inventory planning & stock management
  • Business reports (settlement report, transactions and business)
  • How to manage profits and loss?
  • How to keep record of cashflow?
  • How to keep an eye on your daily sales?
  • Coupons
    1. What is coupons?
    2. How to create coupons?
    3. When to use coupons?
  • Prime Exclusive Discounts
    1. How to use discounts?
PKR. 49K

Growth Mastery – Partnering for Success: Building Strong Brand Relationships

  • Preparation steps
  • Find the potential brand to work with
  • Brand research
  • Brand website review
  • Brand linkedIn presence
  • Making phone calls
  • Ecommerce consultant website
  • Send the proposal by email
  • Speaking - say it well
  • Learn to listen
  • Winning trust
  • Authority
  • Scarcity
  • Consistency
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Learn to listen
  • Prepare company introduction
  • Brand’s background check
  • Finding and reviewing brand’s stats
  • Putting together brand’s scope
  • Branded products’ data analysis
  • Products listing analysis
  • Map policy assistance
  • Brand review analysis on Amazon
  • Brand’s competitor analysis
  • Review comparison for brand
  • Listing optimization recommended
  • Your eligibility criteria
  • How & where to find clients?
  • What info do you need?
  • How much can you earn?
  • Important terms & conditions
  • Analyzing the brand’s profile
  • Getting products data by brand
  • Review competitor under the brand
  • Learn how to find the scope of brand on Amazon
  • Look for traffic sources of Amazon listings
PKR. 60K

Expansion Mastery – The Essential Guide to Building and Scaling an Agency

  • Fundamentals of agency business
    1. How to structure your agency?
    2. How and when to hire your first employee?
    3. How to define the pay structure of your employees?
    4. Implementing a working PIP (Performance Improvement Program)
  • Training system for staff
    1. How to systematically increase the skill level of each employee?
    2. How to automate training for staff?
  • Art of delegation
    1. Identifying list of task types
    2. Managing a log of task type with importance and time consumption
    3. Applying task and outcome delegation effectively
  • Introduction to target-based goals
    1. The importance of setting clear, measurable goals for your business
    2. The benefits of using target-based goals to drive progress and success
  • Setting target-based goals
    1. Techniques for defining and creating effective goals
    2. Best practices for setting and tracking progress towards your goals
  • Charging clients and profit sharing
    1. Strategies for determining appropriate rates and fees for your services
    2. Options for structuring profit sharing agreements with clients
  • Managing financials (clients and team)
    1. Best practices for managing financial resources and tracking expenses
    2. Tips for setting and managing budgets for clients and team members
  • Staff training and automation
    1. Options for providing training and support to your staff
    2. Techniques for implementing automation to streamline processes and improve efficiency
  • Preparing SOPs and execution
    1. The importance of creating standard operating procedures (SOPs)
    2. Steps for developing and implementing effective SOPs in your business
    3. Techniques for ensuring successful execution of your SOPs
PKR. 30K


How To Apply?

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