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Most of the brands whose products are crushing on Amazon won’t allow you to sell on these marketplaces. Why?

There are a few reasons you must understand before finding the solution

  1. The brand may have signed the exclusivity with another seller (one or more).
  2. The brand is selling itself (probably by other seller profiles)
  3. The brand has usually met a high number of returns or faced shipping problems with inexperienced Amazon sellers in the past
  4. The brand doesn’t want to ruin its Amazon presence further
  5. The brand is not big enough to manage Amazon resellers at this time

There might be some other reasons besides the ones I listed above. However, we need to convince the brand with a few tips which would increase your chance of winning the wholesale account with this brand

Review the Amazon Listing

You will have to review the Amazon listing and find out what are the issues the listing has already.

  • For example, recent reviews may be going down.
  • There could be many unanswered customer questions residing on the listing
  • You may find the bullet points lacking or bad description on the listing
  • You may find if there could be another variation be added to the same listing by convincing the brand to offer

This kind of deficiency report takes like 30-45 minutes to be created and yes, you may feel too much work. However, do it for only those brands which you are sure, have profitable and potential products to sell on Amazon.

You will be later helping the brand by enhancing its listing, answering customer questions, and the rest.

Amazon PPC

Since you have already found the current sales of the products on Amazon for the brand, it is good to convince the brand with Amazon PPC. Some brands love to have PPC running on Amazon but they don’t have the resources or skills to manage it. In fact, some brands may reimburse for the PPC Ad spend.

Finding the best contact to approach

If the above is failing, find out the sales head or VPs of that brand via Linkedin. It is a great resource to find high position personnel of the brand or your supplier. Make a connection with them, and start chatting with some valuable information first. Do not try to ask immediately about what you need. Try to give first. Tell about yourself first. Your experience and how you build a brand presence on Amazon and add more value to their line of products and brand itself. Once you have good communication and build a great business relationship with the person, your chances for the wholesale account will open up your chances.

While you follow all the above tips, do check the brand’s products in other Amazon marketplaces. For example; if the US brand is not allowed to sell on Amazon USA, there is a high chance the same brand would allow you to sell in the Amazon UK marketplace as long as it is selling there.

Brand Exclusivity – Final Goal

Please do watch my video on Brand Exclusivity as well

Brand Calling Demo

Here is one of my Filipino staff did a call to a brand for a trade account and I requested her to record it for demo purposes. Please do not copy it exactly. This is for your reference to learn and do it on your own.

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