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by ESP_Admin


You have jumped into the Amazon Wholesale FBA business. While setting up your LLC, you need a retail website to use for your suppliers and brands.

How should the website look like?

It should be a retail website. ie; an e-commerce website that is selling tangible products online. There are a few options you can use to set up your website. Shopify (paid), WooCommerce (free), Magento (free & paid), and a few open-source e-commerce systems if you Google, you would find them.

I personally recommend using WooCommerce. It is a highly configurable plugin for WordPress (Free for self-hosting). You can get a domain and hosting from any well known hosting service like HostGator, BlueHost, SiteGround to set up your website. You can purchase a domain from Godaddy as it stays with you for life.

Website Domain Name

I highly recommend first research a few niches on Amazon before creating your first website. The Website domain does NOT have to be the same as your company name. It can be different as long as the website reflects the original company information somewhere in the footer or in about section, it’s perfectly fine to use a completely different name. In fact, I recommend using keyword-rich domain names and if they are aged domains that you can buy from Godaddy Auctions, it is even better. An aged domain helps with your website presence in the Search Engines.

Niche-Specific Website vs General Store

If you’re an existing student, you should know how to research for Niches through the existing courses and training. I recommend going for a niche-specific website as it helps to get target brand accounts. Many brands do not want to sell to general product sellers who are selling just everything. For example; an automotive brand may not allow you to sell if you are selling baby products and toys on your website or just anything. So I recommend going for niche specific websites and domains. This increases your chances of winning brand accounts heavily.

What products to list on a fresh website if you have no supplier accounts ready?

On your fresh website, you wouldn’t have real products or brand accounts. There are two options to consider. There are a few supplier directories like Salehoo and inventory source etc. You may start finding wholesale suppliers from them. Do not expect to find so many profitable products from them. However, you can still list those items on your website to make it like a real product website.

The other option is to find some competitor brands from your targetted brands or suppliers. So if you are trying to get an account with Black+Decker, you can show them you are selling Craftsman, Stanley Products, Bosch & DeWalt, etc.

Important – If you are hiring a web developer (especially if from Pakistan), please ensure the developer or agency doesn’t leave a backlink and its credit in the footer of your website. It is not professional to have it there.

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