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In this guide, we will learn how a US LLC formation works for a foreign national!

This article is in connection with my older post about finding the registered agents and getting them to form an LLC in the US.

This guide will help you set up a US LLC considering you need it for your Amazon or any other e-commerce business. This guide is written based on my personal experience, some parts of it might be different as of today.

US LLC Formation

First of all, you need to decide in which state you would like to form your LLC. There are several states in the US with different fee and taxation structures.

I suggest forming in the state where your partner or relative resides, as it helps him/her in many situations down the line. However, if you are forming LLC solely on your own (being a foreign national), you may find any state suitable and form an LLC there.

I personally have my LLCs formed in Delaware, Wyoming, and New Hampshire.

Choose the State for your First US LLC Formation

Once, you have decided the state in which you want to form an LLC, head to Google and search for the registered agents in that state. I would simply write for example; “Nevada Registered Agent”. You will find many results. Next, you have to decide which one to select for your company formation!

US LLC Formation

I’ll help to decide 🙂

Let’s look at the results, see if you find them on Google Map with reviews and ratings. This is a good starting point in order to distinguish, how are the service providers and their services. I’d always prefer the ones with the highest ratings and reviews available on Google web or maps.

Go through the websites of a few registered agents, compare their services and prices, shortlist the ones you prefer to go with.


EIN stands for Employers Identification Number. You need it once your LLC or corporation is formed. A US resident or citizen can get EIN instantly by using his/her SSN on the IRS website. However, as a foreign national, you cannot get EIN instantly and you’ll need to file using SS-4 by mail. I suggest you hire the same registered agent to do it for you. There will be a fee for registering an EIN number for your LLC. However, there aren’t much choices you have available besides hiring them.

Some registered agents may not have EIN services available on their website, but you can always contact them and ask before signing up.

Disclaimer: I am not a tax professional and cannot advise on legal matters!

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