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Amazon vs Etsy! What marketplace should you prefer?

Amazon vs Etsy


Amazon for Wholesale FBA Business

Amazon is a trillion-dollar industry. So far, Amazon has remained unmatchable with any other ecommerce marketplace out there. Building on business on Amazon with a Wholesale FBA model is quite safe and has long-term visibility. If you are not running after shortcuts to making money, Amazon and Etsy businesses are for you.

Realistically, Wholesale FBA once established successfully, especially with brand accounts. You will find this business continue to grow and make money for you in the next several years.

People try to find shortcuts in any business and ultimately fail at some point in time. Some fail in WS FBA too sometimes, but mostly when they quit at some stage. Otherwise, the business continues to grow as long as you are putting in your efforts and persistence.

Students should enter into Wholesale FBA businesses who can invest higher figures down the line. It is true that you can start as long as $3k too but that is not enough to change your life. Not enough to build a better future for you.

However, people with no-investment enter into WS Success Camp training to build their agency and offer services.

Etsy Business

While Etsy is a small marketplace, it brings great leverage potential for sellers who want to start small with handmade, digital, or print-on-demand products.

Etsy specializes in Handmade products but also covers jewelry, toys, apparel, DIY, etc. We Pakistani sellers have a great potential in producing handmade products from our nearby cities or interior areas. We can source at a very low cost and sell high.

At the same time, we can set a goal for ourselves to lift the people who produce handmade items for us by paying them extra for their quality products.

Building a business on Etsy doesn’t require huge investments. Anyone can start with as low as $500 even. However, once your handmade PL product starts selling well, you may need to inject a little more investment to cover the new sales and dispatch the orders to customers before you get paid by Etsy.

Both of these business models were introduced in Pakistan by ESP. So far a huge number of students have become successful sellers on Amazon and Etsy marketplaces.

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