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Types Of Labels and their differences

While working in Amazon FBA we come across terms like Manufacturer Barcode, FNSKU Label (Amazon Barcode), Shipping Label, Box Labels.
Below we’ll discuss the terms with their meanings.

Manufacturer Barcode

Every item you purchase contains a manufacturer bar code somewhere on the package. This code, also known as a Universal Product Code (UPC), provides information about both the product and the manufacturer of the product. While creating shipment you’ll be asked if you want to use Manufacturer Barcode or Amazon Barcode. If you choose Manufacturer barcode then FNSKU labels are not needed and you can save around $0.30 per unit. Some Products are only accepted with Amazon Barcode and you have no choice but to paste FNSKU labels on them.

FNSKU Labels

Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit Labels (FNSKU) are a unique label which are pasted on each and every unit of your inventory if manufacturer barcodes are not accepted. Amazon usually provides this service and can paste them on your behalf on the products but it charges $0.30 for each FNSKU label pasted. You can also confirm with your supplier if they can do it for you on a lesser charge or free of cost.

Shipping Labels

When we use Amazon shipping service to ship our items from Supplier to Amazon FC we generate these labels from Amazon. If your supplier is providing you free shipping you can avail that shipping service as well.

Box Labels (Identification Labels)

These labels are a must. No matter what shipping you use. If you use Amazon Shipping service these labels are included with your shipping labels. If you are using your suppliers shipping service then you have to provide these labels to your supplier to have them pasted on each master carton. These labels work as an identifier so when your item reaches Amazon FC they know whose inventory it is.

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