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How To Fix Multiple Prices On Keepa Graph While Reviewing It

Do you see multiple prices on Keepa Graph while reviewing it?
Here is the reason why does it show and how to fix it.
As shown in the image below you should be able to see 2 Buybox Prices. $13.99 and $19.75. The reason it is showing 2 BB prices is that currency conversion is switched on and USD$ is converted to CAD$ automatically by Keepa.

Sometimes it gets confusing for people if they see multiple prices so here’s how to fix it.

Under the settings tab, you should be able to see Setup Currency Conversion. Click on it and select Never Convert Currency and hit Submit. Now only 1 BB price will be shown to you which reflects the marketplace you are looking at.
No photo description available.No photo description available.
Keepa is used by buyers as well as sellers so Keepa Currency Converter is a great addon. But sometimes it creates confusion. So it’s better to stick with native currency only.

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