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by ESP_Admin


Every new seller on Amazon faces this challenge and wants to find ways to generate more feedback to build credibility and trust on Amazon so he/she gets more buybox on his/her listings.

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As I always prefer legitimate ways to counter something like this.

High Sales Velocity Items

First of all, forget making a profit in the beginning. Because you want to build credibility for your business first. Credibility and Profits both cannot be achieved in the begging together in most cases. So while you focus on building credibility, you will want to find and select the small products that have very high sales velocity on Amazon. Even if it doesn’t make you any profit. It would be great if you can find something at least break even for you.

Such items that have very high sales velocity can get you a lot of sales right from the beginning and that produces several hundreds of orders on your Amazon seller account. That means you have got a few opportunities for seller feedback on those orders. Usually, we connect any autoresponder service like Feedback Genius Or Sellerboard’s autoresponder to send an auto-request of feedback after a few days of order delivery.

Remember, having more positive feedback on your seller profile on Amazon will build your profile healthy on Amazon.

As seen by my experience, you get about 3% to 5% of actual feedback on your orders. With this ratio, having 300 orders a month, with a 3% to 5% rate of feedback, you should be having at least 10 to 15 Amazon seller feedback. This is not too high based on the number of orders, but still, it helps you win more buybox on other listings.

Another Benefit – Relationship

The other benefit of this activity is that you build a better relationship with your supplier. This means, you have been selling on breakeven and in a high number of units overall, you build credibility in front of your supplier as well. That means, later if you want to buy the same item in larger quantity, let’s say for one or two months inventory, you may negotiate with the supplier as well. Suppliers do like to discuss pricing when you talk to them with high quantity orders.