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Success Camp

At ESP, we consider Success Camp training programs as a complete program. That includes A to Z learning from the ground to get you started practically on your business.

Success Camp is a one year mentorship program that helps you throughout your business journey be it in Amazon or Etsy. Currently SC is offered for both marketplaces Amazon and Etsy. Usually the classes are done online and in some cases, we physical where possible.

With the mentorship of ESP trainers, this is 1-yr mentorship. This way, you could learn from your mentor initially, and then start your business or partnership or agency along the lines. Live sessions are conducted every weekend and sometimes during the week. This is always trustworthy if you are opt-in for this training, plus the cost-effective so you get advanced training and mentorship of ESP through this. SC students are normally high performers and people trust to work with them for their Wholesale FBA business in the long run.

A) The way our mindset works, usually, the first question is: How much is it?

And people will immediately come to a conclusion, assuming, “loot raha hai bhai”, “buhut mehenga hai”, “very expensive”, etc.

Okay. I get your POV, and this is because of 2-3 common reasons.

  • Lack of research
  • Be-sabra mindset
  • Ghareeb mindset
  • Exceptions are always there, so do not take it personally if you aren’t from the same crowd.

Usually, the no-research mindset kills your ability to make the right decision. The right decision can be made only with better research and time well spent on something you are interested in.

It doesn’t mean you spend your life taking action.

Every course seller on the internet (including foreigners) will tell you to take action now. Rush it. Do not think for long.

Why do they say that?

They want to kill your research ability. They know if you do better research, you won’t come back to them.

You’ll be happy in getting robbed by any course sellers who show you green gardens, but we don’t want to do research and find the best possible option for your investment.

I see people fall for $1000 and above courses having no value. I see them later crying for their losses. Why didn’t they do better research before paying someone?

If you fall for a bigger name, you will highly likely to face more difficulties. WHY? Because you are following the quantity, not quality. If you see companies offering you 100 ways of earning, the higher chances are, you will end up with nothing due to your distraction and their low quality in so many things.

B ) So why should you pay for mentorship?

And mentorship matlab, real mentorship, not a lollipop. Different people may have a different meaning of mentorship. Someone would sell you a course and say you have mentorship, but you will be chasing them when you need them.

You would spend 100s of thousand on useless activities, including outdoors, dining, etc But you don’t want to spend a dime on your education that will possibly change your life and will help you build a better business for your kids.

The mentorship is for a year, that too gets infinite for people who work as Director under ESP’s investor network! So is it a bad deal if ESP is also helping you REALLY make money and build a business and not just selling you a course?

C) How do students get clients/partners for Wholesale FBA?

Many students join Success Camp who has investment and Amazon ID in hand already. However, there is a higher number of students who don’t have either or both. What do they do then?

Usually, these students get clients easily right from this group having the SC Student tag itself is a very important tag and trust seal. Clients and investors do understand that if you are an ESP student and have religiously learned Wholesale FBA from ESP, you would be a great asset for any client/investor. Hence, you are able to close the deal easily.

The other options are Non-Pakistani FB Groups, Linkedin, Upwork, and Fiverr. These places have a great variety of Gora clients and you will be able to get them onboard smoothly with your knowledge and skills in WS FBA.

D) Agency Level Business

ESP helps you build your own agency offering clients WS FBA and other relevant services to your clients.

The way it works, once you have shown your skills and potential to ESP trainers, you will be able to stay in the ESP SC students group for a longer period (more than a year too). Hence, you continue to get mentorship throughout your business journey.

This is why I say, do better research first, understand the value of the training program before assuming we are just minting money.

We help building teams, adding naseeb and the wheel continues to grow through your life!

Pakistan needs honest people to help the nation to improve its lifestyle, income streams, and building better businesses.

Why you should enter SC training?

  1. If your focus is to learn and build your own Amazon WS Business. You may have a helper to create Amazon ID OR you may have created on your own through Amazon UK business.
  2. If you wish to get the ESP SC Student tag and build an agency (team) to provide WS FBA services including brand relationships, product hunting, and analysis, managing full Amazon stores for investors or clients.
  3. If you wish to become an ESP Director down the line. This way, ESP selects as a director based on your performance and puts you on its own Amazon store or an investor/client under ESP mentorship. You may grow under ESP’s umbrella and continue to build multiple stores in the future.

101 Training (Project Multiplier)

101 students are the most trustworthy students considered in the eye of clients or investors as they are directly mentored by me.

that’s a major difference and hence, the expensive training too as I put my time with you. you are connected with me directly and are able to communicate and discuss your concerns, and challenges in the Amazon WS business. I do personally choose and assign students as ESP directors on the bigger Amazon stores where we expect to have $50k or above investments.

The mentorship is for one year, but if you are working on any of my stores, then, of course, it becomes infinite. Building teams in the Amazon WS business is important, so you can manage this business on a larger scale and grow under my mentorship. 101 is also sometimes conducted in a batch system.

101 training is also the part of project multiplier. which means, you will be eligible to work with me in partnership as well.

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