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ESP 101 Investor Route

ESP offers 101 investor routes. Those sellers or people who have an investment and willing to hire an ESP qualified Director or Skilled Worker will have to enroll in the existing ESP 101 Training Program.

Taking training for investors is not required, however, it is available as an option for the investor to learn directly from Huzaifa Ali and other experienced ESP trainers.

We understand that investors usually do not like to pay an upfront fee before entering into any contract especially for partnerships with VAs via the ESP network. However, please understand that ESP has several responsibilities and so many investors willing to enter into ESP 101 network just to get the ESP qualified students to work with.

Every investor doesn’t understand the business model or ESP’s way of conducting business. Hence, it makes it difficult for ESP to manage such situations and so many investors.

Therefore, we have this option where ESP offers Huzaifa’s 101 training to investors as well. Investors can signup for 101 training. Select the investor option while submitting the application so you are taken through that route.

The best part of this partnership is, ESP involves in the overall journey and continues to monitor the progress of the Director/Skilled Worker on your account.

You can apply for ESP 101 investor enrollment here.

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