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How You can Get a Potential VA for Your Online Business?

First, and foremost, ESP doesn’t offer human resources. You are always welcome to find and connect with someone you see potential candidate through the ESP Facebook Community be it an ESP student or just a group member.

How to find a potential candidate from the ESP Facebook Community?

  • Spend a few days in the group, read comments and see who is responding the most with valid explanations and answers.
  • People who post and ask technical questions continuously are your best bet. This ensures that the person is serious in his/her learning and should be able to prove his/her skills down the line.
  • Try to get friends on Facebook with those people who are regularly posting, asking questions or commenting and responding to queries with logical answers.

NOTE: We are talking about a community in Pakistan, so be ready for trial and error, please. You may not be able to find the best person on your first attempt. You’ll find people who may be falsely claiming to be an expert. Or you may fell into the trap. Do your best due diligence before hiring anyone.

How to get an ESP student with the help of the ESP Team or Mentorship?

If you have an investment and Amazon/Etsy seller account ready, you’ll be required to enroll in the ESP 101 Investor Program. This program is expensive and has a fee, but it covers the ESP team and Huzaifa Ali’s mentorship for your partnership with the right candidate. ESP continues to monitor the progress in partnership and helps the ESP Director (Skilled worker) on your account with any challenges or hurdles coming up throughout the business journey.

You may read about Project Multiplier launched by Huzaifa Ali in 2019 and that is producing some amazing results.

In order to enroll as a 101 investor, you should review the details here first.

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