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Buybox Myth – Why you won’t get the BuyBox?

Why buy box rotates to one seller specifically and not you?

Dropping price doesn’t always get you the buy box. There are other factors Amazon Buy box algorithm considers while deciding to give the buy box to a specific seller.
ODR factor is important to ensure your seller doesn’t have any Order Defect Rate. Usually, it only is the worry for FBM Sellers doing dropshipping. FBA sellers don’t have to worry about ODR.

Seller Performance is another factor that may jeopardize your eligibility to get the buy box. If you are doing FBM orders along with FBA, and some of them are delayed, this can hurt your buy box eligibility.
Category Specific ODR – The listing in its category has its own performance. So if you are not doing well in the Grocery category and some of your products had high NCX in that category specifically, you will not be able to get buy box for listings in that category for quite some time.

NCX – Negative Customer Experience is an important factor for you. This is the reason we do not select products in the wholesale businesses that have review ratings below 3.5 on Amazon. That means the products have a high return rate and the customer will most likely choose a negative experience while returning. This will add up to your seller profile on Amazon. You want to avoid such products.

Seller Feedbacks are important for new sellers – The new sellers do not have feedback on their profile right away. So they need to build their credibility in the eyes of Amazon. You can use the Feedback Genius service to get some free emails sent to your buyers after every order is delivered. You can configure it so receive the initial few feedbacks. This will help you build your profile.

Listing BSR is maintained but you are not getting sales.
There can be multiple reasons. Check the buy box by entering different delivery zip codes on your Amazon listing. You will be able to see who is getting buy box most of the time. Then also check that seller’s stock level using the AmzScout Stock Levels Chrome extension. This will help you understand that the seller might be receiving the buy box due to his stock levels being high.

Keep uses cache and cannot be true for the latest results.
If Keepa is showing you “Just Now” under the buy box statistics tab, it cannot be trusted as it is not accurate for the latest time. Because it uses cache and many times the results for right now is not correct. So review buy box assignments manually.

Seller stock is also an important factor. Your first supplier order is usually a test order, so your stock would be lower than other existing competitor sellers. If that’s the case, then there is a low chance for you to get the buy box even if you are matching the price with the lowest seller in the competition. The other seller may have higher stock and Amazon distributes the stock in multiple locations across the country, hence gives faster delivery speed to the customer and lower shipping rates for itself.

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