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Case Study #ESP524 – Amazon US Market

I always look for potential in people. You can say I try to judge, so yes, that’s how I have to look based on the person’s spark inside and energy level to work with me.

Today’s case study is one of my own accounts that I made some time ago. I trust one of my 101 students and his abilities. He really had that spark of dealing with brands and making long-lasting relationships.

So this account, he started actual work early this year. December 2020, had a few toys that I had stock available from another account so we just moved them on this account.

This ESP 101 Director focuses on brand relationships only and always tries to work for Exclusivity. That’s why he won’t have a lot of brands coming on board on this account. That’s the beauty of this account, we don’t have a lot of SKUs and brands.

By the mid of January 2021, he was able to close one Exclusivity deal with a brand having 3 SKUs. The director also removed all other sellers, optimized the product listings. And here are the results. 17% Profit Margin and 33% ROI. So $4100 in 3 months.

Here is the interesting part.

We signed up for another Brand Exclusivity in late March and the inventory is going live with Amazon this week. This will simply make us more than double in revenue without having too many SKUs or daily price list scanning.

Wanna hear more?

3rd Brand is from Malaysia and its inventory is on the way.

4th Brand also agreed to exclusivity and will sign the documents this month, inshallah.

Just think for a second where this account will be in the next 6 to 12 months…

Also, understand that brand exclusivity cannot be achieved just by anyone. You need the mindset. You need an extremely high patience level. There will be so many back and forth calls to the brand and different people. You also have to come up with different ideas and suggestions of the brand to be convinced with you.

Let’s talk from the director’s side now.

At this time, the director is working alone, he is single, under 30 years old. He pretty much deals with the brands, optimizes the listings (that’s not a daily task), and ensures we are in stock all the time.

At the same time, he will be making 30% of the net profit on this account as per ESP policy. So the first 4-5 months, he will be able to recover his FULL 101 fee as well.

And then a long-lasting growing business for him.

These stories are to show you how the potential is and grow with time in Wholesale FBA. Patience and persistence are always required!




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