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by ESP_Admin


Lately, it has been very common for many beginners to fall into the trap of express EIN service. ie; fast track for processing EIN without SSN (Social Security Number). Sounds weird, no?

So many people found a black hat technique for getting instant EIN numbers on the IRS website, that is, by using fake SSN OR using SSN of dead people. Because the IRS website doesn’t verify the SSN owner and relevancy with the business on the fly, it generates the EIN number using such fake SS numbers.

Beware of such scammers, because doing this is illegal and at the time of filing your corporate tax returns, you’ll be in trouble. If you are not a US resident and don’t have SSN, never hire any service provider offering fast-track EIN processing. As there is no such thing!

In the worst scenario, if you have been a victim of such a service provider and now you need to revise your information on your EIN account with IRS, please follow the instructions below to update with your real information.

Step 1 – Form 8822-B

1- You’ll be required to download this form 8822B from the IRS website here

Step 2- Enter your business information along with your EIN number.

Entering the accurate information here is necessary. If your business address is not being changed, just leave the old and new address fields empty.

Step 3 – Update the New Responsible Party

Now, this is the part that will actually update your company’s EIN to your own name. You will be entering your full name in section #8.

In section #9, you will need to enter your SSN or ITIN (if you have it). However, many non-US residents don’t have ITIN registered initially, so they just mention “Foreign” or “Foreigner”.

NOTE: Using Foreign or just words like that isn't really the best practice. Having an ITIN number for yourself is necessary still as IRS cannot verify the real owner of the company with just name.

Once filled, at the bottom, sign and put your title and date.

Step 4 – Mail the form

Send the form to IRS to the following address
Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service Center,
Kansas City, MO 64999-0023

It may take up to 6 weeks for IRS to process your application. You may also try calling IRS after this time, and request them for 147-C letter. It is the confirmation letter that IRS will send to your address on file with them.

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