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Rising Ecommerce Awareness in Pakistan Among Women and How it Can Change the Future of Pakistan

I. Introduction A brief overview of the ecommerce industry in Pakistan Mention of the increasing trend of women participating in ecommerce in Pakistan II. The current state of ecommerce in Pakistan Statistics on the growth of ecommerce in Pakistan Examples of successful ecommerce businesses in Pakistan III. The role of women in ecommerce in Pakistan […]

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Amazon Wholesale FBA – Case Study for US Marketplace (New Acc, Exclusive Brand) – ESP524

Case Study #ESP524 – Amazon US Market I always look for potential in people. You can say I try to judge, so yes, that’s how I have to look based on the person’s spark inside and energy level to work with me. Today’s case study is one of my own accounts that I made some […]

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Amazon Wholesale FBA – Case Study for UK Marketplace – Investment and Profits – ESP523

Case Study #ESP523 This is one of the investors’ Amazon businesses that is managed under the ESP network. The investor has put an investment that is between £12k to £15k. As you can see, the actual activity on the account was started in the month of August 2020. An initial 2-3 months are considered as […]

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