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Part 6 – Affiliate Marketing

Create Blog Website for Affiliate Marketing

Creating blog websites using WordPress with free or premium themes is super easy. WordPress CMS system is FREE for everyone and comes with a set of features that can handle larger scale websites, especially for blogs and affiliate marketing content. You can start learning about these affiliate marketing ideas from the VSC, under Affiliate Marketing Course.

Affiliate Marketing in VSC

Content Writing Service (For Review sites)

There is a big market in blogging services and blog websites. People want to create review websites for writing comparisons and reviews about specific services, tools, subscriptions, or software programs. Once you have chosen your niche, you can offer your content writing services to people on Fiverr as well as the Facebook groups.

These content articles are usually larger than 2000 words and have high relevancy in Google search terms.

An article of 2000 words would easily pay $150 to $200 for each writing.

Building your own Affiliate Marketing Business

Creating WordPress websites is super easy as I have said many times. There is another great opportunity you have for WordPress websites. If you buy an existing domain from Godaddy Auctions, create a niche-specific website on WordPress with new or existing content, you can sell it (as starter website) for anywhere between $300 to $1500 on

You can learn about creating beautiful WordPress websites in VSC under Digital Marketing Course.

Creating WordPress Websites

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