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Part 1 – Amazon Wholesale FBA

Amazon Wholesale FBA – Brand Hunting

Brand Hunting on Amazon is part of the Reverse Sourcing. Finding the brands on Amazon that match the filters required by your Fiverr Buyer is easy. You will need to use the Keepa tool in order to find such brands. You can also use other tools like Helium10, AmzScout, JungleScout, etc. But they are expensive and Keepa is your best bet for a low fee and getting you the most out of it.

You can create a few gigs offering, let’s say 50 hunted brands for $20. OR maybe offer different packages on the gig with a higher quantity of hunter brands for a higher fee.

You can learn Amazon Brand Hunting for Wholesale FBA from the following Course in VSC.

Brand Hunting for Amazon Wholesale FBA

Amazon Wholesale FBA – Product Hunting

Product hunting for Wholesale FBA is an art, you can find tons of products. You will need to learn how to review and analyze the product listing on Amazon. If you find such products, shortlist them and you can sell those number of shortlisted products on Amazon. You will be able to find products quickly from the Suppliers from as well. You can offer, let’s say 10 shortlisted products for $30 to $50 on Fiverr. You can do it for the USA, UK, Canada, and many other marketplaces.

To learn how to find the right product, doing a detailed analysis, you should watch the following videos in VSC under Wholesale FBA Course.

Product Hunting for Amazon Wholesale FBA


Create a shortlist of Suppliers for different regions and sell to Amazon Sellers

Okay, this one is pretty much simple and too easy, to be honest. You can create a large database of suppliers for each country and sell the partial or full lists to different people. There are many buyers who want access to some suppliers list. And if you can produce one yourself, that would be great. You can sell it on and on. But it is not recommended to just sell anything that is garbage or too frequently sold.

You can create multiple gigs for different countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, etc. A list of 50 quality suppliers can be sold for $30 to $75.

You can learn aggressive distributor research strategy from the following videos in VSC under Wholesale FBA Course.

Distributor List

Deficiency Report Building for Amazon Listings

Deficiency Report is made by reviewing and analyzing the Amazon product listing. We find the pain points of the listing and put them together in detail in the report along with our suggestions to improve the listing and that specific area to enhance the brand and its customer experience using their products.

A deficiency report is the key element for any brand to be interested in building a relationship with you and allowing you to sell on Amazon.

You can create gigs on Fiverr and also offer your services in the main ESP Facebook Group.

Deficiency Report

Price List Scanning and Analysis Gig

So by this time, you should be aware of how to review and analyze a product listing on Amazon. Many sellers do not have scan unlimited or amz analyzer tools, especially the FB members. You may offer this as a service to those members or on Fiverr. Buyers on Fiverr don’t have time to go through the large price list from their suppliers. You can offer them an hourly rate or range pricing for scanning and analyzing their price lists. This will also help you find products right from their own suppliers.

People should be happy to pay you $3 to $5 per hour on Fiverr to go through their price list.

In order to learn the price list scanning and analyzing, watch the following videos in VSC > Wholesale FBA Course

Feed Analysis

Calling Brands & Building Relationships

This will be ideal for people who love to talk and have fluency in English. Calling a human directly and make friends with him/her is a great start to a business conversation. You should be very talkative, fluent in English speaking will be extremely helpful here. There so many sellers out there who do not have great English speaking skills or feel shy probably speaking on phone. They need your help. You can help them with your skills.

You’ll need a phone number or the Amazon seller can provide you one. You will need their company details in order to represent their company to the brand while calling. There is a very helpful calling recording sample available in VSC.

VSC has a large library of videos on brand relationships including the sample call recording under VSC > Wholesale FBA Course.

Building Brand Relationships

Shipping Plans & Logistics

Some people really get confused when it comes to creating a shipping plan on Amazon. It needs detailed information of the shipper, the boxes, and SKUs in each box including box dimensions, etc.

LTL or SPD shipments are part of the Amazon shipping plans and you can learn this process from VSC under the Wholesale FBA course.

Shipping Plans & Labels

Amazon PPC for Wholesale FBA

PPC is sometimes neglected by many Wholesale FBA sellers on Amazon. If you have dead stock which isn’t getting sales even if you have Buybox, PPC is the best bet to give it a try. Even if your items are selling, but if you have higher profits on those items, you can always use PPC to increase your sales to move the inventory faster and cash it out.

If you learn PPC well including management, you can build a long-term partnership with your clients ie; Amazon sellers. There is a wholes detailed course on Amazon PPC in VSC.

Amazon PPC in VSC

Ungating Categories & Brands

Category and Brand ungating services usually cost $150 to $250. People happily pay this amount to the service providers. Once you learn it how to do it, you can offer the services for a similar fee on Fiverr or Upwork.

Learn the proper method of ungating any category or brand on Amazon from VSC under the Wholesale FBA Cource.

Ungating Service

Price/Competition Review & Automation

Wholesale FBA business needs an eye on your live SKUs. How they are selling, are they getting buybox or no? Getting buybox most of the time is very important in order to generate higher sales in this business. The primary factor of getting the buybox is your prices. How you price will attract the buybox accordingly. Amazon itself gives you a great set of features to manage automated pricing on your SKUs so you don’t have to sit in front of your laptop all the time.

There are many other tools and software to automate pricing as well. You can learn a few of them including Amazon’s own repricer from VSC under Amazon DropShipping Course.

Amazon Automated Pricing

Creating Resale Certificate (Tax Exemption)

Many non-US resident sellers still don’t know how to create a resale certificate whereas, it’s really the easiest task someone would ever find it. It’s just like filling up a short form with buyer and seller company details including a few pieces of information about the goods you are going to purchase. If you have the information handy, it takes less than 5 minutes to prepare the resale certificate.

There are many Dropshipping sellers on Amazon and eBay. You can also learn and offer them how to set up the Walmart Tax Exemption process as it takes time. And this can be an easy job once you learn it from the VSC.

You can find all the relevant details with a live tutorial of creating a resale certificate in VSC under the Business / LLC / Ltd / Taxes Course.

Resale Certificate


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