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Part 5 – Website Services

WordPress Secure Install and Configuration Services

Installing WordPress takes less than 15 minutes on a cPanel web hosting server. There are so many buyers looking for help with it. Also adding the secure touch of Installation makes your gig next level as many people just do a quick install through the cPanel installer. Doing a secure installation makes your gig unique and buyer will definitely want your services as nobody likes to have their website hacked.

You can find the detailed learning material for this gig in VSC under the Digital Marketing course

WordPress Secure Installation

Installing WordPress Themes, Plugins & Configuration

This can be part of the above gig, as well as a separate gig. Just learn the basics of how to install any plugin or theme on a WordPress website and you may do it for a few bucks for anyone. It takes less than 10 minutes to do it.

The idea is not to make $10 here. You should understand that building a Fiverr profile and relationships with clients will lead to a long-term business partnership. People do want to test your skills with small tasks and see how you perform. If they like your work, they will give you more work and possibly larger-scale projects too.

Learn it all in VSC under the Digital Marketing course

WordPress Secure Installation

Setting up Ecommerce Websites (Fully Loaded with WooCommerce)

People are moving to online businesses very quickly. Everyone is willing to sell something online. They need an e-commerce website ready to sell tangible or digital products. Providing a service for building an eCommerce website is a great idea. In fact, it will bring you bigger money than you can think of.

Setting WooCommerce on a WordPress website is an easy and very smooth process. And robust and free for everyone, so people fall for it more.

Building a WooCommerce website takes less than a couple of hours and will easily pay you $200 or more for your services. You can provide premium theme installation, basic SEO, and security plugins installation service as an addon or free to make your client happy.

Learn it all under VSC > Digital Marketing course. See screen below

Installing WooCommerce

Listing Products on the Ecommerce Website

People don’t have time to list individual products on their website, especially if they just want some dummy products to showcase the website to someone. If they want you to load dummy products, you can simply use WooCommerce dummy products XML to load the data.

Loading new products individually for your buyer is another task that will pay well on Fiverr or anywhere. You can learn the detailed process of how to load products in a WooCommerce website in VSC under the Digital Marketing course. See screen below.

Loading Products in WooCommerce

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We all know, how important SEO (search engine optimization) for any website is. A website can do wonders when it is ranked well on popular search engines on the internet. SEO is a very technical and detailed subject. However, you can create specific gigs of small or multiple tasks to provide your SEO services. For example, generating XML sitemaps, optimizing on-page data points, HTML, styles, title, metadata, and many more things.

Mehmood Hanif has done a wonderful job in building a training video for SEO on WordPress using the Yoast SEO plugin. You can find it in the same VSC course. See screen below.

Website SEO (Yoast)

Sell Readymade Website on Flippa

Now, this is the fun part. You will want to learn how to buy good and used domains from Godaddy Auctions. This will be another opportunity you can learn and make a great amount of money. Finding the high potential domains and selling on Flippa, or other domain broker websites.

However, if you can’t find the right domain for making you a huge sum of money, let’s go for simple domains but old ones so you can still have some leverage and be able to sell on Flippa as a content-based website. You can create blogs, video blogs, photos, or other random ideas. I suggest finding the archive content of the domain and then re-use it. This opportunity will pay about $400 or above depending on the domain and website potential.

You will find the detailed learning material on this service in VSC under the Domain Flipping course.

Flippa Starter Website

Backup & Migrate WordPress Website

This is a very crucial service that anyone would need. Backing up a website and moving to another hosting service is a pain for a non-technical person. People don’t know how easy it is and you can make a very good amount of money by using simple plugins and moving the MySQL database copy.

Depending on the website and database size, it takes a few minutes to set up everything. downloading and uploading might take longer.

However, you can save a lot of lives by helping your clients moving their websites without their involvement and headache.

You can learn all these services in VSC under the WooCommerce Drop Shipping course

Website Migration Service


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