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Part 4 – Amazon Kindle (KDP)

When it comes to selling services regarding KDP you have a huge range of options through which you can earn huge sum of money.

Book Cover

Book cover plays a 30 -40% role in the sale of any book it’s like a first impression. If you have the best manuscript but a bad cover, then a total disaster n ends up in zero sales. But if you have a normal type of manuscript but a catchy book cover then boom you have skyrocket sales. The book cover is the key to ranking and having sales. So if you are a person who is the best writer and don’t have any experience in designing you can hire freelancers or designers for this thing it’s just like you are spending money to attract money spend money wisely hire designers who have a good experience. There are lots of freelancing platforms through which you can hire book cover designers. Also if you got course then you can see in book cover design video that how to design a book cover and you can also provide this service to freelancing platforms like Fiverr etc and you can charge $10 to 130 based on the type of cover e.g for simple cover costs will be low but cover that have illustrations and have a complicated design you can charge more like 60 to 150.

You can learn how to create a book cover in VSC under the Amazon Kindle Publishing course

Kindle Book Cover

Proofreading + Editing + Writing

Writing a book is an art that not everyone can master so for that you can hire good content writers from Fiverr and other freelancing platforms or if you are a good writer and know how to write a book definitely a go for people who loves to write you can also provide such services too. Prices will be based on niche, word count, genre. Let’s say you have to write a fiction book based on 10k words and you are a new seller you can sell it at $150 -200. Same if you wanna hire you can go with the same price.

When it comes to editing no matter how good you wrote a book but that’s your point of view always go for 2nd opinion hire someone who can proofread your book and edit it for that you can hire people or provide service based on page count and complexity of script like for 100 pages book you can charge $30-80.

You’ll need writing skills in order to handle this gig smoothly.

Illustrations + Graphics

Everyone needs a graphical representation of themes or probs or things in books for better understanding. Let’s say you have a fiction novel, books for kids, coloring books, nonfiction, or even public domain you need graphics you can find a freelancer for this and if you are good with graphical work to go for this service I already explained how and what type of graphical work you can add for the public domain.
Charges depend on the complexity of illustration or graphics that is required e.g if you have to design black and white line art or clip art for a poetry book you can charge $5 or 10 per image or design likewise you can charge for coloring books prices for per design based on complexity.
Without graphics everything is incomplete.

Low Content Books

You can sell low content interiors design e.g coloring books, Journals, activity books, etc based on what is required e.g if someone wants 100 pages of the activity book and every page needs minor changes like the slight difference from each other then you can charge $60-80 if all pages will be different the for 100 you charge $100 to 300 based on what is required.

Niche Research + Category Research + Keywords Research

If you enrolled in our course you can find lots of videos regarding these 3 with different methods and different tools you can sell these services too on freelancing sites .you can sell them as a combo of 3 or even separately.

Everyone who wants to work on Amazon or even want to dive into the book publishing business needs to work or target a specific niche for that he or she can find people for this service so go and provide this service. After niche, you need a category in which you can publish your book and for the success of every book like sales and ranking both are based on keywords because keywords are the most important part of every business you can do this for $50-100+.

Book Description + Blurb

Every book needs a description and blurb because the description is 40% of your book sale its the thing which people or buyers will read and get an idea about what he or she is going to buy so people do spend good money on this. I mentioned in videos what type of thing and how you can write a good selling description. You can charge %30 to 70.

Book Promotion

Promotion is the thing that drives sales for your book that derive traffic for your book. So you can give services for ads PPC. And if you have a book and looking for a promotion for hiring someone that is very good with ads i.e PPC or CPC… You can charge according to requirements. I already mentioned many ways of promotion using free modes and paid for promotion you can use all of them and provide services based on them.

There is a detailed video course of Amazon PPC inside VSC.

Amazon PPC in VSC


You can create promotional videos for books that can be used for author central or on social media platforms. You can charge based on content and duration of video like a simple 30-sec video will be approx $80-130.



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