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For members looking for investment opportunities…

The beauty of Wholesale FBA business is, you can taste it with extremely low investment, even under $1k depending on your situation and then you grow it, scale it big enough to go for $100k or above in revenue with time and experience. Remember, if you are investing $50k in a new business without experience, you’re throwing your money in a well and there is a high chance you won’t get it back unless someone guarantees it.

Based on this, some investors still fall for some traps, hence lose heavy investments and time.

Investment Budget matters heavily in this business. Wholesale FBA business needs continuous efforts and time investment. So if you are not willing to spend your time, you will be spending the money to invest and have a skilled worker or ESP Director to be working with you.

Since there is another person spending his/her time, there is a cost to it and it must be paid regardless of results being positive/negative/slow/fast, etc.

People with less than a $10k budget, you can start, but I highly recommend doing it yourself. Consider yourself as an Amazon seller instead of an investor. Because with this budget, you can hire a VA from the group, but not an ESP Director as there are some predefined expenses, plus the ESP Director focuses on building a bigger business. This means if your investment cap stops you at $10k, how are you and the ESP Director is going to make more money?

The ESP Director puts heavy efforts into working on the store, building brand and supplier relationships and if you are lacking investment, then it all gets wasted. Hence, the ESP Director looks for bigger investors who can continue injecting funds into the business.

So, what to do now?

I wrote an article some time ago about this process
People with a higher investment budget of $10k or more will best fit for the 101 investor route. In such a situation, it will become easier for you and the ESP Director to work on your store and build it for the long term.

You are always welcome to find and connect with someone you see potential candidate through the ESP Facebook Community be it an ESP student or just a group member. How to find a potential candidate from the ESP Facebook Community? Spend a few days in the group, read comments and see who is responding the most with valid explanations and answers.

People who post and ask technical questions continuously are your best bet. This ensures that the person is serious in his/her learning and should be able to prove his/her skills down the line. Try to get friends on Facebook with those people who are regularly posting, asking questions or commenting and responding to queries with logical answers.

NOTE: We are talking about a community in Pakistan, so be ready for trial and error, please. You may not be able to find the best person on your first attempt. You’ll find people who may be falsely claiming to be an expert. Or you may fell into the trap. Do your best due diligence before hiring anyone.

Every investor doesn’t understand the business model or ESP’s way of conducting business. Hence, it makes it difficult for ESP to manage such situations and so many investors. Going through the 101 investor routes also makes it possible for the person to learn the Wholesale FBA business under my mentorship for a year.

People with an investment budget of $50k or higher have a higher chance of getting into the Automation business. This is good if you do not want to dive into the business yourself but wants to leave everything at the ESP team’s decision.

ESP team under my direct mentorship manages your store and puts you with products and suppliers who have larger investment requirements and their products usually bring better profits during a few weeks/months timeframe.

If you are new to ESP and Amazon businesses, please start with the free Amazon awareness program here:
For Investors looking to invest securely with ESP, please apply for Automation here:

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