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Every Pakistani should Earn at least $1,000 USD

When I started the Ecommerce Success Pakistan group in July 2018, I had in my mind that I want to help everyone selling on Amazon. I did not think of selling any training but then realized the free is always taken for granted and there should be paid training. The goal was still to help people of my homeland.

Then in 2018, when I started project Multiplier, I realized it is easy to promise myself that I can empower many people to earn at least $1k per month in this country.

It may sound a bit difficult, but it’s not impossible. Based on what I see from my existing students who show their progress and I’m closely monitoring them, I am pretty sure they can earn a lot more than $1k USD per month and empower others as well.

It is Karma that I believe and it works 24×7 around you. The good you do for anyone, then better you will receive in return. The bad you do for someone, the WORST you will receive in return.

So now I’m announcing it officially here as well. I’ll put more effort into this group and in my country to empower people and ensure they make at least $1k USD per month. Trust me! you will make it at least easily if you learn the Amazon skills. No other skills or time waste is required to make penny bucks.

Consider it how easy your life will be when you will hit this goal. And it will be so faster to grow further, scale your amazon stores, add more VAs and multiply the businesses. This is how you will make assets.

Would you guys join my hands in achieving this goal?

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