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Why Brand Relationships are important?

Brand Relationships

I’ve talked many times about building relationships with the brand before expecting anything from them. Focus on building your relationships first. These relationships will last longer. If your primary target is just to get a wholesale account with them and be able to sell their products on Amazon, trust me, it’s not going to work for long term business. You can’t expect to have a wholesale account from a brand by contacting them in the first place and asking for product feeds or permission to sell on Amazon. Brands and Suppliers would like to learn more about you first. They want to make sure who you are, what your company does, why you are the best fit for them to work with you? Ask all these questions to yourself first and be ready to answer these questions.


Learn to listen. Do not try to speak always. Do not keep speaking for too long. The person on the other side, can’t keep listening to you for ages. So always listen to them first. Ask your question and stop speaking, let the other person respond. Give him/her enough time to start speaking. Do not assume that the phone call is disconnected just because the other person has taken a few seconds to speak. When the representative asks you a question, take a pause instead of immediately answering him/her. Do not rush in answering. Taking a pause ensures the other person that you are listening to him/her.

Once you have built a successful relationship with the brand or supplier, there will be many options to work with them successfully and in the long run.

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