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Do’s and Don’ts on

Let’s start with Don’ts:

  • Do not spam your Customers: Don’t send your customers too many spam emails.
  • Do not Add low-quality images on Etsy: Before adding images on Etsy, make sure all photos should look attractive. You can edit your image using a free photo editor. The suggestion is to you use a white background for every item image.
  • Do not Copy: Don’t Copy someone’s work. Make your own, originality will help you in the long run.
  • Do not worry about your sales.
  • Do not compare your conversion rate with someone else’s.

List of Dos:

  • Answer Politely to your Customer: If your customers want to know about something and ask a question, then reply to them nicely. This will help you grow as a brand.
  • Say thank you when someone orders from your Etsy Store: Whenever you get an order, then respond to them graciously.
  • Make your Shop look perfect: The first impression is the last impression, keeping this in mind, design your shop extensively. When customers log-into your shop, they should adore the kind of effort you have put into your shop.
  • Follow Etsy’s rules: Follow all the Terms and Conditions provided by Etsy for sellers.
  • Price: Set your price, including all the fees and expenses, as decided.
  • Look at your product critically: Analyse the market value of your product and set the price accordingly.
  • Provide discounts: Provide discounts to regular customers. Make a coupon over Etsy and provide a discount to the customers.
  • Check your conversations regularly: Check your convos daily and reply to them as soon as possible. This can help you in lead generation.
  • Brand Everything: Brand every item which you are selling on Etsy. This will turn your customers into your most loyal advertisers.
  • Detailed description: Try to provide a detailed description of what you are selling on Etsy. The presentation of the product should be excellent. You should describe your product as accurately as possible.

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  1. I have some question huzaifa, can we drop ship from amazon to etsy? Is it viable option to source from retail store and sell on other retail store like etsy?Does etsy allow this practice?

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