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As we discussed the Etsy digital product ideas, we have shared the list of 99 Etsy digital products below.

Digital Product Ideas video by Huzaifa ali

Here is a detailed video by me explaining the digital product ideas for Etsy.


Creating digital products on Etsy is one of the safest business models. The main reason is to have peace of mind as there is no restocking and very minimum customer service required.

Once a digital asset is created, you can sell it on and on for a lifetime.

First of all, we’ll look for Etsy shop assets, we will search for the keywords and look for the results according to the rating, best seller, sales, etc. If we don’t get reasonable results of the same keyword, we can go for relevant keywords for example in the case of Etsy shop assets, we can search “Etsy SEO guide” also.

Now for example we search “reward chart” which is made for kids especially to track their efforts and give them rewards. Reward charts are of many different kinds and sell a lot on Etsy. We can search for relevant keywords also like “chore charts”. For more details, we can search on eRank also.

You can easily create a reward chart yourself or you can hire someone on Fiverr to create it for you and it is selling well on Etsy.

Planners – Etsy Digital Product Ideas

Fitness planners are mostly used by youth and adults, those who are fitness freaks. You can create a design for a fitness planner and sell it on Etsy. If you don’t have an idea of any fitness planner, the best way is to purchase one from Etsy and have a thorough look at it to understand the design philosophy better. After that, you can create it yourself or hire someone to create it for you in a better and more professional way.

There are thousands of options to sell on Etsy. You can start today with any of these easy ideas to sell on Etsy using Digital Products. Learn how to create digital products and sell them on Etsy from Pakistan.

Digital Product Ideas


  1. etsy shop assets
  2. coloring books
  3. zoom background
  4. Cosmetic labels
  5. chore charts
  6. cleaning planner
  7. reward chart
  8. productivity planner
  9. goal planner
  10. to do list / daily planner
  11. calendars
  12. moving planner
  13. self care planner
  14. daily gratitude
  15. dream journal
  16. daily habit tracker
  17. mood tracker
  18. affirmation cards
  19. inspirational wall art
  20. fitness planner
  21. weight loss tracker
  22. meal planning kit
  23. grocery list template
  24. food pantry labels
  25. recipe book template
  26. branding kits
  27. website themes
  28. banner templates
  29. business planner
  30. thank you cards
  31. business cards template
  32. gift card templates
  33. pricing list template
  34. ecourse / webinar slide deck template
  35. lead magnet templates
  36. ebook template
  37. mock ups (print on demand)
  38. bible reading planner
  39. faith based wall art
  40. bible study
  41. daily devotional journal
  42. photoshop/procreate brushes
  43. clip art
  44. fonts
  45. svg files
  46. icons
  47. digital papers
  48. digital stickers
  49. printable stickers
  50. finance planner
  51. bill tracker
  52. budgeting planner
  53. debt tracker
  54. cash envelops
  55. finance spreadsheets
  56. teacher planner
  57. student planner
  58. study guide / workbook
  59. resume template
  60. cover letter template
  61. wedding announcement
  62. save the date template
  63. welcome sign template
  64. seating chart
  65. table cards
  66. wedding planner
  67. wedding checklist
  68. bridesmaid cards
  69. bachelorette party games
  70. travel planner
  71. packing list
  72. bucket list planner
  73. world map wall art
  74. social media planner
  75. blog planner
  76. pinterest pin template
  77. instagram templates
  78. instagram highlight icons
  79. lightroom presets
  80. crochet patterns
  81. cross stitch patterns
  82. sewing patterns
  83. quilt patterns
  84. pregnancy announcement
  85. baby shower invitation
  86. welcome sign template
  87. baby shower games
  88. nursery wall art
  89. family tree template
  90. poetry poem book
  91. original illustration
  92. thank you cards
  93. greeting cards
  94. birthday cards
  95. birthday invitation
  96. holiday cards
  97. abstract printable wall art
  98. customizable wall art
  99. ios icon pack

How to create a color book for Etsy digital product?

Here is a detailed video tutorial I made for creating a color book using Signup for your FREE Canva account


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