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4 Etsy Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Sales

Tip #1: Run a 24 Hours Sale

2 times a week run 24 hours sales on your items. 24 hours of sales work very well especially if they’re at least 20% OFF so it significant discount. When a buyer looks that discount sale will end soon then they immediately buy it from your store.

Tip #2 Turn Favorites into Sales

Every few days go to your shop activity section and click on those profiles of those who have favorited your shop or your listing and follow them. Now what happens when you follow them is they will get an email to notify them that you are following now.

Turn Favorites into Sales

Turn Favorites into Sales


You can take this tip one step further and go to your competitor’s shop and see who favorited their items and follow those people as well. Even if they don’t buy anything they might browse your shop and start liking and favoriting items which actually increases your Etsy listing rating and that would help to boost your listings ranking in the search results.

Tip #3 Bundle Items that are complementary to each other

Do you have a Tshirt that sells very well and Hand band that sales very well are they complementary or very similar in style than you can create a new listing and bundle them together it increases the item in your shop obviously you have a new listing and of course bundling your items means that listing will be price hire which means over time you going to making more revenue in your shop. You can offer a small discount if someone decides to purchase the bundle. For example, your T-Shirt price is $15 and the Hand Band price is $10 it means if the customer buys both items individually then it will cost $25 and if you bundle those two items and put its price $23 then buyer purchases your bundle item instead of the individual.

Tip #4 Run Storewide Etsy Ads

Run Weekly Storewide Etsy Ads to promote your shop on Etsy. It helps you to rank your shop and your listings on Etsy and you will get Views, Clicks, and Favorites.
Note: Set your Storewide Ad budget $2 per day only and run your ads in alternate weeks.

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