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Amazon Drop Shipping – How can you still make money with it?

Why should you still learn it while it is considered a highly risky business?
Do not consider it for doing on your own Amazon Seller ID. Learn it if you are unable to have a seller ID for yourself or if you do not have any investment.

Learn it as a great skill to be able to handle the drop ship stores. In the Europe and Americas, the sellers still love to invest in Amazon Drop Shipping stores. They have high credit lines and can go as much as $500k in DS investment. All you have to do is learn the skill and be able to handle their stores.


If you search for jobs on Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, etc, you will see so many jobs looking for drop shipping experts.
Learn and do the legitimate drop shipping business, either do partnership or get a fixed fee for VA services.
It is great for making your kitchen income easily.
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