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Terms & Conditions

  1. ESP offers the oppotunity for existing Ecommerce sellers and employers to find the potential interns from ESP’s training programs.
  2. By submitting the request using the form here, you agree to do your best due diligence of the person before hiring for Internship.
  3. ESP takes no responsibility nor any commission or charges for this service.
  4. ESP will connect you to the potential intern(s) after reviewing your request and finding the potential available ones.
  5. Employer is required to pay at least Rs.15k per month or $70/mo to the intern directly.
  6. ESP suggests to follow the internship at least for 2 months and then hire the intern on permanent full time or part time job based on mutual compensation agreement.
  7. ESP suggests to keep the intern in the ESP Success Rooms across the country so he/she may get mentorship from the trainers then and there if there are any challenges he/she may face. The Success Room charges are to be paid by the employer.

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