Success CampTM Training Outline - Ecommerce Success Pakistan

Success CampTM Training Outline

  1. Orientation & Overview
    1. How this training will help you?
    2. What do we cover in the training?
    3.  What do you get after completing this training?
  2. Seller Account & Business Set up
    1. Getting an ID
      1. Different methods and options for Pakistani citizens
      2. Setting up a company in the US or UK
      3. Tax ID, Permits and Resale certificates, etc
  3. Wholesale FBA
    1. 3.1.  Product Research Methods
      1. By Product / Product Listing Analysis
      2. By Supplier
      3. Supplier Directories
      4. Feed Scanning
      5. Find Brands and Wholesalers Manually
      6. Keepa Data Finder for FBA Items
    2.  Get your website set up
    3. Manage FBA Inventory
    4. Manage FBA Shipments
    5. Working with Suppliers
    6. Wholesale Drop Shipping
    7. Test Round Sessions by Moiz
  4. Online / Retail Arbitrage FBA
    1. Using to find deals
    2. 3rd party deal sites
    3. Prep Center and Services
  5. Drop Shipping on Amazon
    1. Product Research Methods
      1. Seller Sniping
      2. Use AmzScout or Jungle Scout
      3. Multi Quantity Items – Higher Profits
      4. Find & Use Suppressed BuyBox Listings
    2. Product Listing Analysis
    3. Using Keepa (Detailed)
    4. Keepa Data Finder for DS Items
    5. Minimize the Risk of IP Complaints – Do it safely
    6. Test Round Sessions by Yousuf
    7. Order Processing
      1. Placing orders on Walmart
      2. Placing orders on Overstock
      3. Placing orders on Home Depot
      4. Cashback Sites Overview
    8. Customer Service
      1. Managing Returns & Refunds
      2. Handling missing or late deliveries
      3. Handling AtoZ Claims
      4. Customer messages
    9. Amazon Inventory
      1. Stock Monitoring (WebScraperApp)
      2. Auto Price by Amazon
      3. Repricing using 3rd Party Software
      4. Creating Piggyback Listings (adding offer)
    10. Bundling Listing for Drop Shipping
      1. Bundling multi items for dropshipping
      2. Amazon Policy Review
      3. Create a Bundle Listing from Scratch
    11. Your Amazon Seller Account
      1. Dealing with high ODR
      2. Dealing with IP Complaints
      3. Common Reasons for Account Suspension
      4. Avoid Late Shipments, Maintain your metrics
  6. PLDS (Private Label Drop Shipping)
    1. Product Hunting and Keyword Research
      1. Helium10’s Blackbox to find the right products
      2. Helium10’s Magnet and Cerebro to find the right keywords
      3. Research on Amazon
    2. Sourcing
      1. Finding the right product and supplier on AliExpress
      2. Product Analysis for Shipping
    3. Placing orders on AliExpress (PLDS)
    4. AliExpress Returns, Refunds and Dispute
  7. PPC Advertising
    1. Auto Campaigns with multiple ad set types
    2. Manual Campaigns with the right keywords
    3. Optimizing Campaigns to reduce ACOs and increase profits
  8. Sales Tax / Exemptions
    1. Overview and understanding the requirement of Sales Tax Permits
    2. Streamline Tax Certificate
    3. Registering for Sales Tax Permit
    4. Create Resale Certificate / Tax Exemption
    5. Sales Tax Exemption with Retail Suppliers
      1. Set up on Walmart
      2. Set up on Home Depot
    6. Finding Amazon Buyers’ Tax Certificates
  9. Outsourcing / Hiring VAs / Become a Skilled Worker
    1. How to become a Skilled Worker and be able to manage multiple Amazon stores?
    2. Where to Hire VAs?
    3. How to train them?
      1. Use my videos for VA training
    4. Assigning them Specific Permissions
    5. Filipino or Pakistani?


  1. Each Zoom session conducted will have live Q&A and recorded so it can be accessed in the future by the SC students.
  2. Sessions will be conducted on Saturdays
  3. Success Camp Facebook group will be available for students to questions and discussions purely related to the training.
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