Sialkot Success Room

Sialkot Success Room was inaugurated by Huzaifa Ali in June 2022 and is led by M. Tufail Nabil (City Lead). We have seen a huge number of youngsters having an interest in the eCommerce businesses and need a good mentorship.

To fulfill their desire, ESP opened a success room at the prime location of Sialkot (Defense Road), the location of the ESP office has its own charm and environment.

Fee: 10000 Pkr Monthly.

Ch. Hamza Javed

City Lead Sialkot

His name is Ch Hamza Javed. I’m from Rawalpindi and I’m starting E-commerce journey 2021. And my expertise Amazon FBA Wholesale and Online Arbitrage. 1.5 year Experience of Wholesale and 8 month experience of Online Arbitrage. I’m joining ESP this year June 2022 as a Manager of Sialkot Campus.


Time: Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm

Phone: 0304-1111653

Address: Tahiri foundation akbarabad defense road Sialkot