oldStar Freelancer

Freelancing On Fiverr And Upwork

Lecture 1

⦁ Introduction to Freelancing

⦁ Fiverr & Upwork Introduction

⦁ Comparison b/w both platforms; Understanding both platforms

⦁ Which is the right platform for you?

Lecture 2 – Introduction to Canva

⦁ What Is Canva

⦁ Canva Account Signup And Understanding Dashboard

⦁ How To Earn $1,000 Per Month Freelancing With Canva And Fiverr From Home?

Lecture 3 – Social Media Visuals for Business

⦁ Creating Facebook Cover Image

⦁ Creating Facebook Post Image

⦁ Creating Youtube Thumbnail Image

⦁ Creating Youtube Channel Art

⦁ Creating Instagram Post

⦁ Create Twitter Header and prepare

⦁ Create Pinterest Pins

Lecture 4 – Social Media Videos for Business

⦁ Creating Facebook Video

⦁ Creating Instagram Reel

⦁ Creating TiktoK Video

⦁ Creating Youtube Intro

Lecture 5 – Presentations for Business

⦁ Creating Video Presentation

⦁ Creating Text and Photo Base Presentation

Lecture 6 – Brand Kit

⦁ Creating Visiting Cards

⦁ Creating Flyers

⦁ Creating Logo

⦁ Creating Letterhead

Lecture 7

⦁ Finding your niche

⦁ Gig Research

⦁ How To Build a Profile That Stands Out

⦁ Setting up a gig

⦁ Setting the right Pricing

⦁ How to get your clients to buy your Gig Extras

⦁ Fiverr Gig Description

⦁ Create a Promo Video that Sells More Gigs!Arbitrage and Sub-Contracting

⦁ Exercise: Creating your Profile

Lecture 8

⦁ Fiverr SEO & Upwork Winning Proposals Tips

⦁ Becoming an Expert in your niche

⦁ How important is your portfolio?

⦁ Know Exactly What Sort of Relationship Your Client Is Looking For

⦁ Being Aligned with your Profile Branding

⦁ Exercise: Updated Profile Check


Lecture 9

⦁ Checking Buyer Requests Constantly

⦁ Selling to Corporations or Consumers, Making the Right Bet

⦁ Turning into a Professiona

⦁ Elevator Pitch

⦁ Rapid Response Time

⦁ How Analytics & Demographics are important for you?

⦁ Converting Clients

⦁ Arbitrage and Sub-Contracting

Lecture 10

⦁ What to do if your gig is deranked? Not winning proposals

⦁ Have your work speak for itself

⦁ How important is Profile Building?

⦁ Custom Orders & Return Buyers

⦁ How to avoid getting banned on Fiverr & Upwork

⦁ Creating a Workflow for Yourself and Your Clients

⦁ How to deliver Work on Fiverr & Upwork

Lecture 11

⦁ Gettiing your first payout

⦁ Third Party Payment Solutions

⦁ Moving Up Through the Levels

⦁ Secrets to boosting your Fiverr & Upwork Profile

⦁ Generating Traffic towards your Profiles & Gigs

⦁ Customer Conflict Management

Bank Details

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IBAN: PK82MEZN0003130106381156
Branch: Plot No.7, Sector-A, Near Gate No.3, Kalsum Plaza, DHA Phase II, Islamabad
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For overseas enrollments please contact
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Fee & Duration

  • Fee PKR 12,000/-.
  • Duration will be 1 month approximately for the training sessions.
  • Support group membership will be available for 1 year and may be extended infinite if you are selected for ESP partnerships
  • You can choose from two modes i.e. Online or Face to Face