Okara Success Room


Okara Success Room is going to be inaugurated by Huzaifa Ali in November 2022 and is led by Numan Rasheed (City Lead). We have seen a huge number of youngsters having an interest in the eCommerce businesses and need a good mentorship.

To fulfill their desire, ESP opened a success room at the prime location of Okara (Depalpur), the location of the ESP office has its own charm and environment.

Fee: 10,000 Pkr Monthly.

Nauman Rasheed

Nauman Rasheed

City Lead Okara

His Amazon journey started in Jan, 2021. On amazon, he offer his services to in-store buildings and run the store on Amazon FBA wholesale business model. He mostly work with clients from US and European countries. As an operation manager with Fba Spot, he deal with different clients from US and European markets to manage their FBA wholesale business and maintain their stores


Time: Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm

Phone: 0304-1111653, Ext. :1020

Address: Aziz park Park phase 2 Main depalpur road Okara, Punjab,