Who Is Huzaifa Ali

CEO & Founder

CEO & Founder of Ecommerce Success Pakistan (ESP), a Pakistani with more than 15 years of experience in IT Profession and the Online Ecommerce Industry. Worked as a mentor and manager for several companies around the globe. Expert in Amazon Wholesale FBA Business.

Ecommerce Success Pakistan 

Huzaifa is working hard to make Pakistan an eCommerce hub by spreading awareness about the eCommerce industry in youth and awakening their hidden talent to work as an entrepreneurial mindset.  His aim is to transfer knowledge to bring a constructive change in Pakistan to inspire people to start their own multi-million online international business and help build the economy of Pakistan.

Huzaifa is setting up the trend of providing facilities to almost every Pakistani to learn about the eCommerce industry online in almost every city of Pakistan by guiding them through VSC and conducting Meet-up sessions all across the country.

Expert (The Guru)

Having extensive knowledge of the relative industry, Huzaifa is well-known for his achievements in lead generation, Wholesale FBA Business, IT Business, and other eCommerce channels. 

Huzaifa is prominent for his achievements as an eCommerce King, successfully running companies in Pakistan and the US.