Facebook Ads Success Camp

Facebook Ads Success Camp

Stage 1 Understanding Facebook Ads Foundations

Stage 1 Understanding Facebook Ads Foundations

  • Why Facebook Ads and the power of Facebook ads.
  • 4 Pillars of Facebook ads
  • Some essential key terms you need to know first.
  • How to set R.O.A.S and set targets.
  • How to set up your business Manager and ad account.
  • Understanding Facebook Pixel and events.
  • Understanding Facebook Ads Funnel.
  • Types of Audiences.
  • Some Myths of Facebook advertisement.

Stage 2 Ad Creatives and Ad copies that converts

  • Introduction.
  • Most effective formulas of ad creative
  • Ad Copy Framework
  • Image Ads Vs Video Ads
  • Branding and CTA
  • Customer journey matching

Stage 3 TOFu – Funnel of Prospecting

  • Introduction
  • Budgeting and planning/strategizing your campaigns
  • Understanding Dashboard
  • Structures and audiences. (TOFu)
  • Broad audience vs narrow audience (pros and cons)
  • Types of Campaigns
  • Creatives (TOFu)

Stage 4 MOFu – Re-Engaging prospective customers

  • Introduction
  • Structures and audiences (MOFu)
  • Landing page importance
  • Creative difference between TOFu and MOFu
  • LLAs, CAs
  • Dynamic Ads

Stage 5 BOFu – Re-Marketing and Scaling

  • Introduction
  • Structures and audiences (BOFu)
  • Audience and Adsets difference between MOFu & BOFu
  • Landing page
  • Creative & Copy difference between MOFu and BOFu
  • Retention and Supper LLAs

Stage 6 Troubleshooting and Avoiding mistakes that will cost your money

  • How to analyze the problem in your ads?
  • Making Decisions
  • Pro tips on securing your page score
  • Some Common mistakes that will cost you heavy
  • What’s next? What roadmap?
  • Wrap Up

Fee & Duration

  • Fee PKR 40,000/-
  • Duration will be 2 months approximately for the training sessions.