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What You’ll learn in this eBay Masterclass

  1. Discover what to Sell on eBay & Explore New Ideas
  2. Making Seller Account In Pakistan
  3. The Right Profit Calculation
  4. Efficient Product Hunting with Tools
  5. Build a Scaleable eBay Drop Shipping Business
  6. Find & Sell High-Profit Domains on eBay
  7. eBay Marketing and Promotion Strategies


  1. Live Workshop via Zoom (Rs.3000): Dive deeper into the art of selling on eBay with our exclusive live workshop. Conducted via Zoom, this interactive session offers personalized guidance, advanced strategies, and the chance to ask your burning questions in real time. Perfect for those looking to enhance their eBay business acumen.
  2. With 7-Day Recording Access (Rs.5000): Never miss a beat with our live workshop and the added benefit of 7-day recording access. This option allows you to revisit the workshop at your convenience, ensuring you fully absorb every piece of knowledge and can refer back to expert advice and strategies whenever needed.
  3. Adjust Full Fee in eBay Success Camp (Rs.7000): Take your eBay business to the next level by enrolling in our eBay Success Camp. This comprehensive program is designed to fast-track your success on the platform. Opt for this add-on, and the full fee of the live masterclass can be adjusted towards the Success Camp’s enrollment, offering you unmatched value and expertise.
  4. 1-to-1 20 Minute Call with Mentor (Sir Yousuf) (Rs.12000): For an unparalleled learning experience, opt for a personal 20-minute mentorship call with Sir Yousuf. This one-on-one session allows you to get personalized advice, strategies tailored to your business, and insights from one of the leading eBay experts. Ideal for those committed to achieving exceptional results on eBay.

Workshop Date & Timings

9th March 2024

Time & Duration
7 pm to 10 pm