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7 thoughts on “Why I started Project Multiplier?

  1. Assalmualikum,
    This Syed Shoaib Zahoor from Lahore. I have talked with Mr. Huzaifa on messanger.
    I am interested in your plans .

    Please share the plans, so it can be consider.

  2. Kindly elaborate with some more details . Perhaps If some one has . Company . 5k $ investment . Wanta to learn and workout some business for himself . How does he fit in this .

    There Enablers , Extreme commerce some other people too . But it all jumbled up every where . These should be some right plan of action . A complete in depth knowledge of every model .

    How does a new bee desides which business model gives him better chance of success according to his resources. Starting a business is later thing what to do with these plethora of courses . When all the skills are interconnected.

    Well long story short . I reviewed some your videos and pages . Want to get into success cam training when is that going to start. And I live in a faraway district of Pakistan and chances of visiting Karachi are similar to none unless necessary . And do the success camp students get the wordpress and fb courses also for free or not . Too much money involved in just getting your shoes to shine before we even go to office .

    Please do answer

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