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9 thoughts on “Instant Income with Asset Building

  1. Sir please clarify a confusion in 101 form you wrote at the end ” As part of the milestones requirement, do you understand that if you do not show your progress to the ESP team for consequent 2-3 months, your membership may get terminated without any Refund? *
    No, I’m Joining as an Investor”

    Does this means that if i join 101 with investment my membership will not be terminated then. If i tick “No, I’am Joining as an Investor” at which level and how much investment i need to invest? Please clarify?
    Muhammad Aamir Iftikhar

  2. Hello. I am a IT professional working for HP in US. Recently also became a new Amazon FBA seller, currently looking for a capable team/ VA assistance to. I am based in US and would love to work for mutual benefit with an honest and hardworking team.

  3. Salam sir I am sajid Ullah working in govt org. age 40 years. My office timing is 8:30 to 4:00 pm. I have 2500$ investment. later could arranged 5000$ more. sir my question is that, can i join this project multiplier. I also have some basic knowledge regarding wholesale business.

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